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Close to nature and people, Verticaleo is born from the idea to place nature at the center of our activities. Explore with us the river with canyoning, the cliffs with climbing. Our spirit is to guide you with a special interest for the animals, plants and geology.

+33 (0)7 82 47 63 36

Sport nature monitor

Sport university certication

Certification for climbing and canyoning

Passionate with the discovery of new places, your guide enjoys traveling in beautiful nature sites. He likes to take time to teach people his knowledge about nature


We will answer you with pleasure

+33(0)7 82 47 63 36

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Verticaleo EIRL

47 Avenue Victor Hugo 81300 Graulhet

Tel : 07 82 47 63 36

Mail :
Carte professionnelle n°05117ED0043

Siret n°82931165300028

Assurance n°55.885.787. Allianz IARD 1 cours Michelet-CS 30051-92076 Paris la défense CEDEX

Adhérent au Syndicat des Guides Professionnels du Canoé-Kayak et Disciplines Associées